Ten Commandments sign causes controversy.

A sign in front of a house that displays the 10 Commandments is causing a stir in Milwaukee.

Homeowner Ron Stanis says the sign has been in his yard for five years.

No one ever objected to the sign until this year when someone filed a formal complaint.

Officials told the homeowner he must apply for a permit or take down the sign.

Stanis says he won’t do either and plans to protest against the city.

If he doesn’t comply with the rules, he could be issued citations that would cost him more than $300.

Though it is not confirmed, this Ronald Stanis may be the boisterous street preacher that the Journal Sentinel reported on in February of 2007 who pleaded no contest to a noise violation and was fined $150. The judge stayed $100 of that so Stanis had to pay only $50.

A 1985 newspaper story called Stanis already a “veteran of the municipal legal process,” and that was just two years after he found God in a barroom epiphany. Municipal Court’s online records say Stanis has run afoul of police at least nine times since 2002, and in July 2006, Milwaukee police officer Keith Cameron’s turn came up.

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