Perhaps this will “stimulate” you.

Administration: Stimulus Creates Jobs in Non-Existent Congressional Districts

According to the Obama Administration, the expenditure of $61,000 in federal stimulus funds from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 created or saved 25 jobs in New Mexico’s 22nd Congressional District. You read that right: New Mexico’s Twenty-Second Congressional District. (We only have enough population for three congressional districts).

Federal stimulus dollars, according to the Obama Administration, as reported at, also created or saved 15.8 jobs in the 35th Congressional Distict (where $8.96 million in stimulus dollars were spent) and 2.7 jobs in NM 00 (which received $731.370).

Other fictional New Mexico Congressional Districts receiving stimulus money were NM 40 (no jobs for $7.96 million), NM 4 (10 jobs created/saved for $4.72 million), NM 13 (5 jobs created for $3.3 million), NM 16 (no jobs for $517,980), NM 9 (no jobs for $100,000), NM 6 (1 job created/saved for $63,199) and the 25th Congressional District that received a mere $6,819.
ARRA News Service
London Evening Standard

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