Phoenix Cop Accused of Roughing Up Councilman Michael Johnson Identified; Will Remain on Duty—For Now

Phoenix police have finally identified the officer who allegedly roughed up Phoenix City Councilman Michael Johnson early this morning as Brian Authement, 27, and police officials say he will remain on duty—for now, anyway.

Department spokesman Trent Crump says Authement might even go back to work tonight, despite the media circus he created by allegedly handcuffing and throwing Johnson—a retired 20-year police veteran—to the ground as he tried to help a neighbor whose house was burning down.

Crews were battling a fire near 18th Street and Vinyard on Friday morning. Councilman Johnson reportedly exited his house onto his yard and asked Officer Authement if he could go check on a neighbor whom he thought may not even know about the fire in his south Phoenix neighborhood.

The officer allegedly told him to stay where he was and not move.

At that point Councilman Johnson asked a fire battalion chief if he could go check on his neighbor and the fire battalion chief said it was okay.

When Officer Authement saw the council member he confronted him about leaving the area in front of his home. The officer then reportedly threw the council member to the ground and handcuffed him.

There has been no comment from the White House.

Phoenix New Times
Statement from Councilman Michael Johnson

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