Can you say hypocrat? I knew you could.

Democraps are crying about violent eruptions on the offices of those who voted for health care reform. They were not out in droves condemning the violence that they committed against people peacefully protesting months ago.

Who can forget Officer Cheeks telling a protester, “I can charge you with whatever I want to charge you with.” You might recall Chris Matthews and Jimmy Carter calling Americans racists for standing up for their rights. You might except that the cowards at youtube removed most of the videos due to “use violation.”

You hate health care you racist!
Violence flares over health care issue

Oh yeah, I forgot. They blamed all of the violence on the Republicans.

When you crush peaceful means of protests with violence, what is left? When you vote to enslave American and completely violate your oath of office, don’t you think a few people might get upset? They did in 1776.

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