How many Starbucks robberies?

Starbucks is recently taking heat from gun-grabbers who want to remove guns from view because their scared. These are, of course, not people who have been scared by criminals who follow no gun laws at all.

I decided to conduct a quick, non-scientific study of the subject. I typed in Starbucks Robberies and found the following:

Washington DC—March 24 (No open carry)
Two men allegedly held up a Yes! Organic Market in the 3800 block of 12th Street NE, a CVS in the 3600 block of 12th Street NE, and a Burger King in the 300 block of Florida Avenue NE, as well a Starbucks. Police didn’t give the address of the Starbucks but say it’s located in the Third District.

Two Busts: One at McKinley Technology High School

Tampa Bay, Florida (Open Carry)

Apparently, Starbucks does not have a “no resist” policy, either

Christopher Alexander, 22, robbed a Starbucks patron on Thursday as she was walking outside the coffee shop, so an employee chased him in a vehicle and pinned him against a wall with it, police said.

Suspects arrested in robbery outside St. Pete Starbucks

SAN FRANCISCO (No open carry)— A man accused of robbing as many as seven coffee shops at gunpoint — including some Peet’s and Starbucks stores—was arrested after the quick thinking of a downtown barista.

Read more at the San Francisco Examiner

Horace V. State Feb. 2010 legal case about a Starbucks robbery in Texas (Open Carry)

There are more Opeds, and such, but these are the three news items that I found.

Starbucks might do well to conduct an internal review of the number of robberies they have had in States with no open carry vs. open carry before they make their decision. They probably have those statistics on file. That’s probably why they haven’t released that information to the public. They do not want gun-grabbers crying foul.

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