Reds storm government building in Thailand.

Protesters break into government complex building

Red-shirt protesters forced their way into the building where the Election Commission has its offices in the government complex on Chaeng Wattana Road on Monday afternoon after their demand to meet EC secretary-general Apichart Sukkhakanont was not met by their 2pm deadline.

They later withdrew from inside the building after one of their leaders, Kwanchai Praipana, told them to do so.

The protesters this morning gathered outside the multi-storied building, which houses many government departments and independent bodies, and demanded EC to expedite its decision in the 258-million-baht donation case against the Democrat Party. They later set a 2pm deadline for a decision from the EC chairman, promising to camp there if they did not get what they wanted.,

They protest was led by Mr Kwanchai, Suporn Attawong and Arisman Pongruengrong. Mr Arisman exhorted them to enter the building after the deadline passed.

“The red-shirts want to follow up on the Democrat’s donation case and would like the EC to dissolve the Democrat Party quickly, the same way it dissolved the People Power Party,” Mr Kwanchai said.

Bangkok Post

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