Should firms be able to own your genes?

(CBS) We may have inherited some of our finest qualities from parents and grandparents, but like anything else, there is a downside: part of that inheritance could be a disposition to a variety of deadly diseases. But the good news is that since the mapping of the human genome, science has made some giant leaps in detecting and treating inherited conditions.

By detecting those genes, for example the genes that predispose women to breast cancer, doctors can offer preemptive treatment. It sounds simple enough, but there’s a catch: a woman may have that gene, but strange as it seems, it’s really the property of a biotech company that has taken out a patent on it.

Another downside is that they could inject those “bad” genes in any number of ways. Including vaccinations. It is, also, an assault on your Ninth Amendment rights, not to mention the First Amendment. The religion clause of the First Amendment was installed only for the purpose of preventing the government from preventing you from the worship of the Christian God in the manner in which you choose. There are several ways the government could do this. For example, enacting “hate crimes” legislation. Some religions do not believe in blood transfusions or blood used during surgery, for example. One would presume that this would extend to using their genome to inject in another and vice-versa.

See the video at 60 Minutes

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