Obama picks the wrong Napolitano

Justice Stevens is expected to announce his retirement as early as this month, giving the Obama administration five months to install a new Supreme Court justice — a potential challenge in a congressional election year

The White House will “of course be ready” when the next seat opens up on the Supreme Court, Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said Monday, potentially setting up a tricky timetable for nominating and confirming a successor to Justice John Paul Stevens before the next term starts in October.

Stevens, who said in newspaper interviews published over the weekend that he “will surely” retire while President Obama is in office, is expected to make that announcement as early as this month.

If so, that would give the Obama administration five months to install a new Supreme Court justice. In a normal year, that would seem like plenty of time — it only took two months for Obama’s last Supreme Court nominee, Sonia Sotomayor, to clear the Senate. But this is a congressional election year, and political nerves on Capitol Hill are frayed in the aftermath of the health care reform debate.

FOX News

According to some sources, Janet Napolitano is in the running as another “left-leaning” justice on the high court. You might remember that Janet Napolitano was the governor of Arizona who saw its economic collapse while she continued tax-and-spend. She since moved up (since she campaigned for Obama so that she could get out of town and leave the economic crisis to the Republicans) to putting anyone exercising their Constitutional rights on the no-fly list. The Constitution will stand about the same chance an unborn baby in her courtroom.

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