Arizona still waiting for concealed carry.

The latest information is that it was sent back to the House for a required read and will be sent to the governor who is expected to sign the measure—even though the Arizona Repugnant advises her to stop the measure.

The new law would allow American citizens to exercise their Constitutional right to carry a gun concealed under a coat or in a purse for protection. The law does not apply to knives and other weapons. You could be charged, under the new law, if you lie to police officer about having a concealed weapon and they will be allowed to hold the weapon during a stop.

Concealed weapons permits are still required to carry a concealed weapon into a business that serves alcohol. There are some valid concerns that people who do not attend classes for the permit will be unaware of all of the laws concerning guns and their use. That can be remedied, however, by taking one of the courses for the law information only. One can pick up a copy of the Arizona Gun Owners Guide by Alen Korwin at book stores and many gun shops. A person could contact their lawyer, the local police or county Sheriff’s office. You can find all of the laws on weapons at the Arizona State Legislature site.

Complaints by the Arizona Repugnant that this is “no longer the wild west” show that their perception of the west is derived from Hollywood. Gun laws in the “wild west” were much simpler and you did know when you had the right to defend yourself. People did not protest executing a person who clearly murdered another.

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