Keith Olberman update

The “President” promised to pull out of Afghanistan and Iraq when elected. He has expanded the war.

He not only kept Bush’s “Patriot Act,” he has expanded it to include the average American citizen.

He promised to relieve the tax burden on the poorest Americans. The Health Bill increases taxation on them and does not even go into effect until 2014. He could have stopped the banker bailout, but didn’t. He has burdened us with more debt than the last five presidents combined.

He promised to make sure health care covers kids and it did not. Did he read the bill? He promised a health care bill that covers all Americans. The American people would get to use the same plan that their Congressman use. We got a bill that specifically exempts Congressmen and their staffs (and their families, ad nauseum) and the Unions that lobbied for larger fines for people who refuse to get health care.

He promised to give everyone five days to read bills, but signed the health care bill immediately. He promised transparency while getting his bro, Jay Rockefeller, to introduce legislation to shut down the web.

Obama, and his FCC, are pushing for the “fairness doctrine” because people are sick of the Communist television and are turning it off in favor of talk radio. Now they want to push their Communist ideology over the radio waves. You have, after all, the tax-supported propaganda machine known as NPR. That doesn’t do it for ya? Schumer compares speaking about Constitutional Republican (NOT REPUBLICAN PARTY—I refer to Constitutional Republicanism. Republicans are no more republican than their Democratic counterparts.) ideology to porn.

You and other Communist heightened tensions over the health care issue by using your First Amendment right to say that anyone who disagrees with the president is a racist. In other words, you are a racist for using your First Amendment rights? Of course, Obama never said that people against health care are racists. He didn’t have to. He just let it go on until the right time to come out majestically and say, “Can’t we all just get along?”

Obama has an “enemies” list, that is well-known. It, of course, includes all of those who disagree with global warming, evolution, or any number of other anti-American policies that he espouses. You don’t seem to have a problem with that.

I agree with the General and his statement. Of course, he is probably now on the no-fly list by the Janet Napolitano that you support. You remember. You said that her assessment was dead on and that we should get those dirty people who support Ron Paul and that “dangerous cloak” called the Constitution? You don’t mind that Obama stomps on the Constitution?

Since Kennedy was murdered for trying to reign in, and possibly end, the Federal Reserve (One of those amazing coincidences between Lincoln and Kennedy that never gets printed. Lincoln was murdered for the same reason. He wanted to print American greenbacks.), every president and Congressman has worked toward installing the policies of the bankers.

Let’s observe the “fairness doctrine” Olberman. I’m sure you can, and do, support that idea. Why don’t you cover the power grab by Obama? Why don’t you cover the lies he has told? Why don’t you use your high and mighty platform to reveal the truth about the Federal Reserve system? Or the laws and Executive Orders that are giving the “president,” any president, total dictatorial power over every aspect of our lives.

Oh, that’s right. The “fairness doctrine” only covers Communist ideals. Not American ideals. The First Amendment commits me to allowing anyone others to say what they want (A principle Obama and Cass Sustein do not support). It does not commit me to listening to it.

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