Fire bomb thrown at the home of governor’s aide.

A fire bomb was apparently lobbed at the home of Paul Senseman. The officers found a bottle, the remnants of what officers are describing as a molotov cocktail. Paul Senseman is an aide to Governor Jan Brewer.

Special Agent Thomas Mangan of the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives says federal agents are assisting Peoria Police and the Arizona Department of Public Safety in their investigation of the incident.

KPHO Channel 3 in Phoenix used a Communist technique to tie it to the Guardians of Freedom group while not saying it was them. They reported that it was too early to tell if the Guardians of Freedom were involved. This is a technique used effectively by Communist Propaganda mills.

Obama, for example, used another technique with health care letting idiots like Olberman, Jimmy boob Carter, the New York Times, CNN and other communist outlets call Americans against health care racists. He allowed it to boil to the point were SEIU and other union thugs beat up peaceful protesters. Obama, then, came out for “calm,” after he let it build up, saying that he didn’t think that it was racist.

No one was injured and damage to the house was minimal.


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