Happy Earth Day! Share a Kid.

Today we join together to celebrate and important event. An event that changed the course of the earth as we know it. I speak, of course, about the birth of Vladimir Lenin. Amazingly, I would never have made the connection between the date of his birth and the date chosen for earth day had it not been for the the tax-payer supported “people’s” network Public Broadcasting.

Of course it seems only natural to celebrate this day on this particular birthday. This is the man that installed “Marxism” in the Soviet Union, after all. How did he repay the peasants who supported his revolution? Why, confiscating their land, the little that they could grow on it of course. Then he set up Stalin as his successor after his death who even took the seed so they could not plant more. They let them starve and even resort to kidnapping and cannibalism of children to survive. This is basically the attitude of the Sierra Club and their subsidiaries.

Their goal is to tell you how you can die for your planet. They want you off of “their” land. The land belongs to the 500 million, or so, elitist that will be allowed to live after the “green” revolution is finished. Actually, there are only a few hundred truly elite who will be able to sit on their fat asses and dictate policy. The rest, who believe they are going to “share the wealth” will do nothing more than to share the plow and eat their own young.

There is nothing wrong with cleaning up the environment. Let’s pick up the trash from the streams and the rivers. Let’s not dump industrial waste in our waters. Let’s explore alternative methods of getting rid of nuclear waste. At the same time, however, let’s plug holes for the oil that we know will provide our energy needs well into the future. Let’s stop shipping the oil that now comes from Alaska to Japan until our energy needs are met. Let’s explore solar and wind while we secure OUR oil for OUR security and standard of living. Using our own oil we can drive the prices at the pump down. Except for the fact that Obama and Gore already want to take any savings in the form of UN Carbon taxes.

Remember, don’t submit to your publicly funded abortion or your “alternative death now” pill to help stop the overcrowding until Ted Turner, John Holgren, Al Gore and the rest of those kooks set the example.

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