The answer to the problems of Phoenix

The New York Daily news reveled, today, in the “mis-fourtune” of Arizona due to the signing of SB-1070; Arizona’s anti-illegal immigration law. Their banner: “Arizona’s immigration law boycotts will cost Phoenix $90M: city officials.”

Bear in mind, that New York may have cause to complain. After all, people have sent word to Governor Jan Brewer that they have decided to boycott drinking the drink of fascists, Arizona Iced Tea. Brewed in New York. (New York City!?)

At any rate, protesters have been flocking into town to boycott Arizona by buying food, hate Arizona T-shirts and filling hotels while carrying placards that they will kill Arizona cops until they are free. The SEIU has announced a boycott of Arizona. I guess no one will get beat up for waving a Gadsden flag. The Temecula High School Marching Band will not march in the Fiesta Bowl parade.

Surprise, surprise. United Nations “experts” released a statement which said, in part, that, “In Arizona, persons who appear to be of Mexican, Latin American or indigenous origin are especially at risk of being targeted under the law.” The U.N. experts decried a “disturbing pattern of legislative activity hostile to ethnic minorities and immigrants” in Arizona, which passed the United States’ toughest immigration law last month. Those experts have not taken into account that if you show an Arizona drivers license or Arizona State issued I.D. card, there is no probable cause because you are, theoretically, supposed to prove citizenship to obtain one. Drivers licenses from Kawliforna and New York might raise an eyebrow.

Well, I guess they could boycott us dismantling the “World Heritage Site” sign at the Grand Canyon and taking it off of that stupid “World Heritage Site” list. After all, it does belong to Arizona; NOT the world.

Of course, it has made McCain take time from his busy schedule of NOT getting Arizona “earmarks,” so other states have more money to work with, and reveal his plan of securing our borders after years of doing nothing but run for president. 3000 National Guard Troops. Hmmm. They’re pretty much in Iraq and Afghanistan, aren’t they?

The answer to all of the problems of Phoenix can be boiled down into three simple words. No, not Impeach Phil Gordon, although, well…. No, those three magic words are “Bail out, baby.”

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