‘Yo-yo master’ Kenny Strasser also struck in Madison

Must be a Democrat. He uses eight red yo-yos to represent the “Blue Flying Angels.” I suppose he couldn’t use “Blue Angels” because of trademark violation. Wouldn’t that raise a “Red” flag?

Everybody loves yo-yo tricks, right? That’s what a guy known as Kenny “K-Strass” Strasser was banking on as he managed to get himself booked on several morning television shows in Wisconsin and, most recently, Missouri over the past month. Video from some of those appearances have started to spread online, particularly after Deadspin.com posted some Monday, and they feature an appearance on a Madison station.

The clips show K-Strass to be less a yo-yo master with a message for kids, as he bills himself, and more of an Andy Kaufman-style peformance artist.

Chris Papst, who anchors NBC-15’s weekend morning show, had Strasser on about a month ago and became suspicious almost immediately.

“You never know because some people on TV are just very nervous and they say things they otherwise wouldn’t say,” Papst said Monday. “He said, ‘It’s hard for me to get gigs because I make $2,000-a-show and the schools won’t pay it.’ Right then, I thought something was weird.”

Instant replay: Alleged yo-yo champ dupes TV shows—Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

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