People sign New World Order petition to repeal First Amendment.

Mark Dice is a character who performs experiments in social engineering. In one video, he tried to give away an $1100 (at the time) solid gold Canadian coin. He could not give it away. Of course, we should expect some apprehension from an experiment such as that. After all, haven’t you received the e-mail to send your bank account routing number so that Teo Tadankavisch, or whoever, the downfallen president of some country could transfer the wealth that he has stolen from his people to the United States? When he gets here, he’ll split it with you for your trouble. Only he never arrives and your bank account is mysteriously empty.

The following experiment, while comical in its application, is sinister in its result. People were willing to sign a petition to repeal the First Amendment to prevent “hate speech” against the president, the New World Order and the Bilderberger group.

One woman refused before she could research it on the web. (And she was cute, too! Wonder if she’s married?) Another woman would not sign no matter how hard he tried. But she seemed anxious to sign a petition to ban guns. How does she think we keep the other Bill of Rights? One man did refuse to sign. Of course, we do not know exactly how many Mark approached, but the thought that anyone would sign away their inalienable Bill of Rights is scary.

However, from out of the mouth of babes:

If you want to continue seeing just how far we’ve sunk, maybe you ought to watch the Mark Dice Channel.

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