UN and Foreign Troops on US Soil?

By Scott Winchell
Sonoran Weekly

Recently, I received several accounts of people sighting foreign military equipment and personnel on US soil in several locations – NOW. Truck drivers in Alabama witnessed caravans traveling into Georgia. Others saw strange military vehicles being transported north on Interstate 5 in California. Another witnessed similar sights in Pennsylvania, and most recently, insider reports are coming out of San Diego about a large number of UN and Russian troops and equipment being off loaded at the North Island Naval Base on Pier 32.

There have been many reports over recent years of this type of activity, but one must ask why? Our own forces are still the greatest fighting force the world has ever known, so why are they here? Why are UN forces here if true? To train them to do what? They are the most inept and often the most lawless group wherever the UN sends them anywhere, so why are we “training” them here?

I recent years, it was not uncommon to see foreign vessels in US harbors, loading supplies for places like the earth quake ravaged Haitian people, or for Tsunami Relief efforts prior. But these ships were off-loading, not loading. If reports are true, many questions quickly arise.

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