Obama Lies about National Guard troops on the border?

No, Obama did not lie. He was just satisfied to let people THINK that the guard troops were coming in support of Article IV., Section 4 of the Constitution. In reality, they are here to be used against American citizens.

Remember the heady days of health care when violence ruled the streets? That is, violence caused by those who supported health care. Not the terrorists of the Tea Party. Remember when we could call a person who opposed health care a Racists and get away with it? Even Jimmy Carter had lust in his heart to call those racists who are tired of the government thinking of the Constitution as a G** D*** piece of paper. Remember how the White House vigorously used the term racists against those who opposed health care?

O, that’s right. They came out and truthfully said that they did not use the term racist against those who opposed health care. Obama was just satisfied to let the media run with that term for nearly two-months before coming out and saying that they did not agree with it. After the damage was done.

The big O learned from that, though. He announced that he will send 1200 troops to the border. He was happy to let the media run wild with the story of National Guard troops having illegals face-down in the burning sands of the desert with tanks and M-16s pointed squarely at their heads.

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