80% Favor Auditing the Federal Reserve

Eighty percent (80%) of Americans now agree with Congress that auditing the Federal Reserve Board is a good idea, according to a new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey.

Just nine percent (9%) oppose an audit of the Fed, and 12% more are not sure.

This marks little change from December. But it’s up five points from last July when Congressman Ron Paul’s proposal began to gain steam in Congress.

Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke has consistently opposed such an audit of the Fed’s monetary policies, but it’s included in the major financial regulatory legislation now being pushed through Congress. Forty-six percent (46%) of Americans oppose more government regulation of the U.S. financial system, but 37% are in favor of it. Just 27% favor giving the Fed more regulatory control over the financial system.

Congress legislated its Constitutional duty to coin and regulate money, under Article. I., Section 8 the Third Clause of the Constitution, to the Federal Reserve in 1913 under Woodrow Wilson. In return, the private cabal of bankers gave us the Great Depression, recession and the banker and country bailouts.

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