End the Federal Reserve Day

Mark your Calendar!

Since recent polls reveal that 80% Favor Auditing the Federal Reserve and 68% Believe U.S. Economy is in a Recession, we feel it is a good time to propose an appropriate day to target the real problem. We recommend July 10 to celebrate End of the Federal Reserve Day!

Our recommended proclamation: “Congress declares that this day be used to vote into passage by the House of Representatives and the Senate H.R. 2755 to end the Federal Reserve Board as introduced to the 110th Congress by the Honorable Dr. Ron Paul and to account for all of the measures they have taken by voting into passage H.R. 1207. We invite the People to conduct appropriate ceremonies and demonstrations to ensure that we honor this most noble effort.”

July 10th commemorates the day that Andrew Jackson tried to work for America by destroying the National Bank. When its twenty year charter ended, President Jackson vetoed the Charter of the National Bank returning the bill with this message which reads in part:

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2 Responses to End the Federal Reserve Day

  1. Richard says:

    The only anwser is to make the FRB officials (supervisors, AVPs and VPs) uncomfortable.

    I worked at the Fed, I know how they operate – they are just guys. We can beat them, we can make them uncomfortable suckling at FRB teat.

    We have to picket their homes, we can go where their kids go to school and agitate, we can find where their spouses shop or work out or go to their churchs and embarrass them. We can make it so it is so uncomfortable for them to work at the FRB that they turn on the institution and it will collaspe from within. If it becomes a stigmata to work there – they won’t do it.

    This is harsh – I get that! – no one wants to punish innocent bystanders.

    Remember this – NO ONE IS INNOCENT. They are directly or indirectly affecting you and your families life.

    We have to end this institution and this is how it has to happen.

    • gcdaz says:

      I can agree to picket the FRB members and maybe their wives. But kids, to me, are strictly OFF LIMITS. I do not even mention the kids of Obama or any other politicians in my articles. And disrupting schools disrupts and frightens other kids. As a purported insider, there are things that you can do. Get videos on the web (not using your real name if you want). Offer to do lectures at the civics class of your school or tea party meetings. Heck offer to do an open lecture after school for anyone that wants to attend! If you are still close to someone inside, you might be able to obtain documents that you can send to Ron Paul, Alex Jones and other sympathetic ears. I’d sure like to break a juicy story. If you do get videos on Youtube, or whatever, let me know. But I definitely agree that Congress should DO THE DUTY THAT THE CONSTITUTION REQUIRES OF THEM!

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