Please do not advocate violence!

Please note that we try to limit posts that use cursing and definitely any post that advocate violence. That is for your protection as well as mine. And it is inconsistent with my ideals. Though I do understand and sympathize with people who have suffered under our current police state, I will delete comments that advocate violence.

We have an election coming up. You can work now to, hopefully, win.

Comments may contain suggestions on peacefully and legally disbanding unconstitutional organizations and laws, such as Child Protective Services, Welfare, Social Security, the Federal Reserve, the Patriot Act, “hate crimes” and health care legislation and so-forth. You may point out the unconstitutionality of laws that are being considered in Congress, such as the Cybersecurity Act and any gun laws.

1. Work for candidates that you are sure KNOW the contents of the Constitution and what it means. Attend their Town Hall meetings and debates and ask them what documents that they have read that enhanced their knowledge of the Constitution. Research those documents and see if they really do support the founding fathers idea of the Constitution.

2. Research yourself. Read the Constitution, especially Article I. Section 8 and 9, and Article IV. Read and understand the Bill of Rights. Good sources are:
a) A View of the Constitution of the United States of America; William Rawle.
b) Black’s Commentaries edited by St. George Tucker
c) The Government Class Handbook by Andrew Young

and so on. Make sure you ask pointed questions that YOU know the answers to.

3. Run for office yourself; especially Sheriff. You DO NOT have to be a police officer to run for Sheriff because it is an elected, civilian position.

I hate to use the word “civilian” in this context, but since police admit that they are part of a “standing army,” the term seems to fit. They are, though, supposed to be “civilians” just like you and I and protect us against the standing army of the United States Remember, though, that not all of them have committed to federalization! Some are actually dedicated to serving their community..

You can run for Justice of the Peace and in some states a judge. Unfortunately, many states unconstitutionally declare by law that you have to have practiced law for a certain amount of time to be elected as a judge. This is unconstitutional and illegal because the Constitution does not outline such requirements and it is against the spirit of Article I., Section 9, Clause 8 of the Constitution and the Ninth Amendment. City council or Mayor. Whatever. You may not win, but if you can convince one or two people to read and understand the Constitution, they may learn the truth and convince one or two others to understand the Constitution. Can you imagine the “pyramid” effect?

4. Start a web site or support web sites that teach the Constitution.

5. Start a library of books that you can loan to others.

6. Attend Tea Party, Coffee Cup, or other meetings to discuss the meaning of the Constitution. Organize your own. Attend protests en masse.

7. Vote every one that is in office out of office, preferably replacing them with a Libertarian or Independent candidate.


9. LEARN YOUR REAL DUTIES AND POWERS AS A JUROR. Call Infowars at 1-888-253-3139 and get a copy of Citizens Rule Book. You can get ten copies for ten-dollars plus shipping. Twenty copies for $17.00 or 30 copies for $24.95. You can hand them out as graduation gifts for high school students, give them to your friends and family. They make great stocking stuffers!

10. Order a copy of Don’t Tread on Me or other videos that cover the Constitution. Hold viewing parties for it and movies such as The Patriot.

11. Hold parties to write to your representatives and senators in Congress and let them know how you feel (Legally. Don’t advocate violence). Tell them why you think legislation that they sponsor or co-sponsor are unconstitutional and that you will vote them out of office if they pass. In some cases, this works!


Advocating or conducting violent operations simply gives the scum “verification” that they were right and scares unthinking people who get their view of the world from CNN into supporting more draconian measures for their safety.

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