Napolitano to silence the internet; well not exactly…

According to Ms. Napolitano, “Fighting homegrown terrorism by monitoring Internet communications is a civil-liberties trade-off the U.S. government must make to beef up national security,” the nation’s homeland security chief said Friday. To me, a nation that does not secure its borders is not a nation. And they see denying our freedom of speech in the internet as a “TRADE-OFF”.

But thank gaia that we’re suin’ the heck out of Arizona for SB-1070!

Janet Napolitano to monitor the internet as major means to “fight homegrown terrorism”: Napolitano says internet monitoring needed to fight homegrown terrorism. Okay, but when are we going to fight Islamic terrorists before they get here? And when are we going to stop letting them enter the nation as illegal immigrants coming across our southern or northern borders; and when are we going to stop allowing male Islamists into our nation to attend our best universities – taking spaces that Americans could fill – so that they can better learn our culture, our language, and develop their extended networks? It would be nice if the administration would fight international terrorism first as well as not let Afghani military personnel loose within our nation… Our “homegrown terrorist” are few and far between if you mean white folks, black folks, and Hispanic folks to include anyone classified as a “minority”. Of course, we have a few of the Bill Ayers variety born to wealth and privilege and the terrorists who may or may not have been born in the USA but are now here legally but follow the Islamists whose teachings hold that they are to kill the infidels – that would be us. Okay, we have a few American-born terrorists who have become disillusioned about the abuses of some in power but those “terrorists” are very few, so few we cannot count them in any meaningful way.

Conservative Beach Girl

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