O, beautiful, for chemtrail skies…

Have you looked at the skies lately?

Arseniy A. Kozlov
June 22, 2010

If you haven’t, I urge you to do so. Observe the sky for couple of weeks and see if you notice something different, something strange there.

What am I talking about?

Long white trails emitted by the commercial aircrafts and other high flying aerial vehicles. Since the utilization of jet engines, we became accustomed to the sight of pencil-thin and short contrails that the airplanes leave behind. However, within the last 15 years the appearance of contrails has changed dramatically. Those who are a bit older might remember that condensation trails used to disappear within minutes and that was the case up until mid 1990s. Now the new types of contrails persist for a longer period of time and do not dissipate. Eventually they spread out and form eggshell color blankets, which will hang in the sky for several hours. Occasionally a careful observer will notice that the sky is being crisscrossed by the airplane condensation trails and thereby forming checkerboard patterns.

Consequently, the skies above us become hazy or mushy. There are many other various patterns, colors and forms that contrails create. Unfortunately the lack of official public explanations created a breeding ground for speculation on the nature of these changes. Nevertheless, a flotilla of evidence regarding the new strange occurrences described above could be found in the scientific and government sources that are seldom looked at by the general public.

First of all, the new development in the sky must be identified and the difference between an ordinary and a more recent phenomenon of contrails has to be understood. Ordinary condensation trails from the jet airplanes are produced when the exhaust water vapor condenses on dust particles at high altitudes then turns into ice crystals and dissipates within 20 minutes. However, the new phenomenon of contrails has a vast visual difference and longevity. The term chemtrails was coined to explain the condensation trails which persist in the sky for hours, spread wider than in the past and eventually multiple chemtrails form milky veils or create cloud like formations. Various unusual chemtrail patterns can be observed daily in many parts of the North America. They appear to be denser, have an off white color and different hues can be created when the sunlight goes through one of the chemtrails. Furthermore, there is evidence pointing to the fact that the new type of contrails has a different chemical composition and no longer consists of a mere water vapor.

Sometimes chemtrails could be seen slowly falling toward the ground and samples can be collected. Dr. Len Horowitz has submitted chemtrail samples to the EPA but they refused to analyze them. Nevertheless, concerned citizens provided samples to the several independent laboratories which have conducted tests and the particulates of Aluminum oxide, Barium, Magnesium were detected in them.

Read More at Infowars

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