Is J.D. Hayworth the only con artist?

Recent McCain ads show J.D. Hayworth selling “free government money” for a shifty company in 2007. I remember this infomercial when it aired and I did what I did with all infomercial ads. I turned them off. Same thing that I do with McCain ads.

But I wonder if there were other scams run in politics?

After all, McCain says that he is a Republican and he isn’t. The closest that he has come to being a Maverick is wearing a cowboy hat and watching DVDs of the popular television show from the sixties.

From: B. Soetoro

Good news. I am Barry Soetoro and born in Kenya I raised in Indonesia. I recently win Nobel Peace Prize. But to move peace prize to United States, where, sumday, I hope to be president, I need help. If you give me your bank account number, I ensure that 16,000 people help to you to get “free” health insurance.

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