Who says “Dims” don’t have good ideas?

Democratic Congressman Pete Stark of California wants to arm Minutemen and send them to secure the border.

GLENN BECK, the #1 conservative hated by the left commented on his show, “We just showed you a minute ago, it would be hard to match the insanity of the Elena Kagan nomination hearings. Do you remember what they did to Robert Bork? Do you remember that? This woman is less extreme than Robert Bork?

“Some called these hearings the Kabuki theater which I think is an insult to a highly-stylized Japanese dance drama classic. Why the hate on Kabuki theater? Not even these Kagan hearings can come close, however, to the display put on by California Congressman Pete Stark.

“Here is Pete. There he is. How are you doing, Pete? He is speaking at what appears to be a town-hall-type gathering to constituents. He’s got to talk to his constituents. He has only been in office since 1973. When the topic of border security comes up, here is how he handles it.”

Come on, Glenn. Why you being so rough on Pete? He could have grabbed the guy around the neck, you know.

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