Is depleted uranium safe?

Alex Jones had a most interesting guest today who should interest anyone who is now in the military and veterans. The guest was Dr. Doug Rokke and the topic of discussion was depleted uranium ammunition. You can download the interview here.

Dr. Rokke and his team, according to the interview, wrote the training manuals and instruction 700-48 (PDF) on the use and clean-up after use of the ammunition. He claims that it is not so easy to clean-up as previously thought. The ammunition has become controversial

The World Health Organization has a factsheet which seems to indicate that it is no big deal. “Under most circumstances, use of DU will make a negligible contribution to the overall natural background levels of uranium in the environment. Probably the greatest potential for DU exposure will follow conflict where DU munitions are used,” they write.

Depleted uranium rounds are used by every service and comes in a variety of rounds, but most commonly used in 30mm.

Dr. Rokke is scheduled to return on Monday, October 11 for the entire show to discuss possible detrimental long-term effects of the munitions and will take calls from the radio audience.

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