Not without a birth certificate we don’t.

From Yahoo! Answers:
Born of mixed heritage to a Muslim Father and atheist Mother
Father abandoned mother so she remarried and moved to Indonesia
Attended a Mosque as a little child and changed name to Barry Setaro
Moved to Hawaii by age 12 were he was mentored and taught by a fugitive of the American Communist Party Frank Davis
Later attended Harvard with unknown test scores and unknown financial resources
Used Indonesian Passport to gain entry into Pakistan while travel restrictions were in place for US citizens.
Graduated from Harvard and went to work at a Investment Bank where :’I feel I am behind enemy lines’
Later went to work at a law firm that defended Rezco, a known slumlord
Met up with Domestic Terrorist Bill Ayers and landed on a board to grant hundreds of millions of dollars to left leaning organizations
Became first black head of law department and never submitted a peer reviewed article (first time in history)
Late attended a black theology church where the preacher often preached anti-American sermons as well as antisemitic sermons.
Ran for State Rep. and had all 3 candidates tossed off the ballet including a popular African American Woman who lost her primary to run as state senator.
Only voted yes on several bills including allowing babies who survive abortions to die and to allow people who defend their homes to be charged with a crime.
Won US Senate Seat
Went to US Senate then began running for President
Made plenty of promises that he was not a Muslim, would not raise taxes on 95% of the people, sent bailout money directly to loyal supporters, increasing the national dept 1.7 trillion dollars in 6 mos, went on world wide tour to apologize for America…….

Hope and Change and High Unemployment….

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