Idea Of Government Licensing Internet Proposed By Microsoft To Prevent Malware Attackes

The Government Licensing Internet idea proposed by Microsoft may be the next technological measure to prevent unwanted errors and malicious attacks.

The government licensing to access the internet would detect computers that are at risk of harming the world wide web. Once the computer is detected, it would not be able to access the internet until it is cleaned.

Microsoft’s Vice President of Trustworthy Computing, Scott Charney, was the representative to speak on the proposal of the idea of government licensing internet.

Steve Blackwell writing for the blog Death and Taxes notes, “This comes only a year after the Internet ‘kill switch’ was introduced, which would give the president the emergency power to shut off the Internet. The web is already central to American life, yet the government wields very little control over it. I suppose this is a matter national security.”

It should be noted that Bill Gates has been looking for ways for Microsoft to control the web since his power-hungry mind conceived his Windows operating system. No doubt that “Internet license” would have to come with Windows software with the added advantage of cutting out Linux. Linux does not come with spyware that allows Bill Gates and the government to inspect your computer against the Fourth Amendment. It should also be noted that over 90% of the malware is designed to attack Windows software and not Linux machines.

Execte News
Government Licensing First Step Towards Closed Web

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