Baby Snatching: It’s Hilarious When We Just Don’t Like Their Kind

Brian Doherty | October 8, 2010

A fascinating culture-war blog entry plus comments at Wonkette, well worth reading for people confused as hell as why Sarah Palin is able to succeed selling a sense of “they hate us but really we are more than OK” to lots of Americans.

The setup: a couple in New Hampshire had their baby stolen from them by government agents–which I think most normal humans recognize as one of the most wrenching, horrific, violative of one’s integrity and liberty things that a state, or anyone, could possibly do–whatever the reason for it might be.

The affidavit about the snatch lists ongoing charges of child neglect against the mother regarding her other two children, and charges against the father involving weapons possession without a license, as among the reasons for the kidnapping.

The affidavit also** [see update below]–and this is why it has become a populist right cause celebre on the Internet–the father, Jonathan Irish, has “associated with a militia known as the, ‘Oath Keepers,’ and had purchased several different types of weapons including a rifle, handgun, and taser.”


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