NBC Blocks SNL TSA skit on YOUTUBE.

NBC is blocking viewing of the TSA parody skit they ran on this weeks show. If you click on one of the video links on YOUTUBE, you receive the message: This video contains content from NBC Universal, who has blocked it on copyright grounds.

You can still see the ad HERE, as of this writing, but embedding the video has been disabled by request. (Sorry. Now blocked.)

The video is a commercial which basically states that if you are lonely this holiday season, simply go to the airport and refuse to go through the naked body scanner for an experience that you won’t forget.

While it is certainly their right to do so, one wonders if the executives at NBC were promised extra-special treatment the next time they were required to fly somewhere.

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3 Responses to NBC Blocks SNL TSA skit on YOUTUBE.

  1. writerchick says:

    What a bunch of tools. That was actually pretty funny. Perhaps a little to close to the truth though for those pulling NBC’s strings. Too bad. I think you can still see in on World Net Daily too.

    Writer Chick

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  3. gcdaz says:

    Funny stuff on your site. Like the stuffing cartoon.

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