Zombie Virus Attacks Millions of Smart Phones

For years computer users have been plagued with a constant bombardment of virus, trojan, and hijacker activity. Symantec, PC Pitstop, and a host of others have provided protection and removal.

What’s the next big target for hackers? Is it Apple? No, that’s not the next big target. The next big target is smart phones. Everyone has at least one and their use is skyrocketing.

Chinese smartphone users have seen an estimated 1 million phones infected since the begining of September, 2010. The infection is called a Zombie Virus. The virus uses text messaging to rackup an estimated $300,000.00 in US dollars or 2 million yuan a day.

Similar to standard computer virus infections, the zombie virus hides in bogus anitvirus applications and sends the users sim card information to hackers. The hackers can then remotely control the phone and send URL links to all the users contacts. This happens over and over again as the virus spreads.


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