Americans Trample One Another To Get Their Hands On Cheap Foreign-Made Plastic Crap

The American Dream
November 30, 2010

{I would only add to this article that you should explore or the Consumer Products Safety Commission to find out how many recall items are manufactured in China.}

As this latest Black Friday clearly demonstrated, Americans are literally willing to trample one another to get the best deals on cheap foreign-made plastic crap. Meanwhile, as thousands of factories and millions of jobs continue to get shipped overseas, the United States is rapidly turning into a post-industrial wasteland. Once great manufacturing cities such as Camden, New Jersey have become crime-ridden, gang-infested hellholes. In some U.S. cities, the “real” unemployment rate is around 30 or 40 percent. The American people desperately need jobs, but the American people are also showing no signs that they plan to give up their addiction to cheap foreign goods. Our politicians keep insisting that the American people just need “more education” and “more skills” in order to compete, but they don’t ever seem to explain how more education and more skills are going to make new jobs pop into existence out of thin air. The truth is that the American Dream is rapidly becoming the American Nightmare and there is not much hope that any of this is going to turn around any time soon.

The video posted below is a compilation of video footage from this past Black Friday. It is absolutely shocking to see what average Americans will do to each other just to save a little bit of money on cheap foreign-made goods….

Very few of the Americans in the video posted above probably even realize that this behavior is destroying our economy a little bit more every day.

Proponents of outsourcing point to all the cheap goods filling our stores as a good thing, but they never tell us about all the good paying American jobs that have been lost.

Sacrificing our industrial base for cheap foreign-made plastic crap is kind of like throwing your furniture into the fire to keep your house warm. We are literally participating in our own economic destruction.

Read more at Infowars.

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