Prince Charles criticises ‘appalling treatment’ of Climategate scientists

The Prince of Wales sympathised today with the scientists embroiled in the ‘Climategate’ saga, describing their treatment as ‘appalling’.

Charles’s comments came as he opened the Science Museum’s new £4.5 million Atmosphere gallery which explores the science behind global warming.

The Prince is a well-known environmental campaigner who has been trying to publicise the threat the planet faces from climate change for many decades.

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During his speech to the Science Museum’s senior staff and sponsors of the new exhibition space, the heir to the throne said ‘climate science has taken a battering of late’.

For that reason in January he visited the University of East Anglia’s School of Environmental Sciences which has the Prince as its patron and is home to the Climatic Research Unit (CRU) – the department at the centre of the Climategate row.

Charles added: ‘I wanted to discuss with them the appalling treatment they had endured during the so-called Climategate row because, as they reminded me, the University of East Anglia is not a campaigning NGO, nor an industry lobby group.

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