Stop the John Boehner scam: Give Ron Paul monetary subcommittee chair

RELATED: Republicans Move to Block Ron Paul from Monetary Policy Subcommittee Chair
December 3, 2010

The fact than an establishment lackey like Speaker-apparent John Boehner would fight against those in Congress attempting to challenge the power of the Federal Reserve is no surprise, but Boehner’s reported attempt to block Ron Paul from gaining the chair of a key subcommittee dealing with monetary policy is absolutely disgusting. Ron Paul has proven to be the grassroots favorite with the people, has repeatedly won GOP-straw polls for president, and no doubt played a significant role in winning tea party support for GOP candidates during the midterm elections. But he is being blocked precisely because he poses a threat to the Federal Reserve and establishment power in general.

John Boehner, on the other hand, is little more than a Newt Gingrich-acolyte who uses the conservative-name of the Republican party to uphold the false two-party paradigm while expanding big government. Thus, in another fight for a real voice in the Federal Government, the Alex Jones Show has initiated another search term to draw attention to this unfair inner-party tactic against Ron Paul. Please search “John Boehner Scam” and contact his office to demand that he cease this blatant attempt to silence the will of the people by rendering either Ron Paul or the subcommittee he would head virtually powerless.

Read more at Infowars

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