CPS encounter a father of two who knows his rights.

The interesting thing is that this lady listened. I can tell you from experience that there are good and totally evil people in this system. I’d have to give a hats-off to the CPS worker in this case. It is the system as a whole that is evil.

CPS Investigated a Reader – Because he feeds his children Organic Food – Drinks Non- Fluoridated Water and has a Bug Out Bag! Police were standing by!

A reader of the blog sent me this account of his experience with CPS!

When I read this, I have to wonder….. do the CPS people have the “common sense” to think this is not an allegation that even comes close to be child abuse?! Can they not think for themselves that, the claims against a person is ridiculous?

The reasons why CPS checked out this person is beyond outrageous – there is no abuse in the questions at all – in fact it was all about non-abuse!

Here is the Readers story, as he wrote it to me.

Read the story at Sherrie Questioning All

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Other links of interest to this story.

1. Ready.gov: GET A KIT
(Type emergency supply into Google and you get all sorts of people selling kits.)
2. Fluoride Alert
3. Home School Legal Defense Association, Answers.com
4. National Vaccine Information Center

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