Oswego County Undersheriff: Forming a militia is illegal in NY

Spying on your neighbors with Janet Napolitano, K-O. Forming militia to protect your neighbors rights against an oppressive government? Not in my New York! This guy needs to read Federalist Paper #29. It’s all right, there Undersheriff. The Congress hasn’t read it either.

Hannibal (WSYR-TV) – Oswego County’s Undersheriff is telling a group of Hannibal residents to back off on the militia-talk. The group is in the early stages of forming something called the “Hannibal Militia,” which held its first meeting on Friday.

Undersheriff Bob Lighthall was among those at the meeting, where he delivered a stern warning to the attendees that forming a militia is illegal.

They started their meeting by pledging allegiance to the flag and then turned their attention to defending what it represents.

“It’s pretty clear cut, it’s just neighbors, looking out for neighbors, tough times ahead obviously. It’s that some of us felt it was time to be proactive,” said Jon Alvarez.

Jon Alvarez, a Baldwinsville native and Iraq War veteran who moved to Hannibal several years ago, says he’s not the organizer, but just a concerned citizen. He says that, at the very least, his efforts will get neighbors in the Town of Hannibal together to keep an eye out for crime.

It was the use of the word militia that got Lighthall’s attention. He says neighborhood watch is fine, but the militia, is not.


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