Jimmy Carter is sued for lying about Israel

Nitsana Darsha-Leitner: Alleging deceptions and fraudulent misrepresentations in book attacking Israel

I met Nitsana Darsha-Leitner in Toronto almost 10 years ago. She was just out of law school and had come to talk about her pioneering lawsuits on behalf of victims of terror. She just sent me a press release, which is below, announcing her latest lawsuit in which she is suing Jimmy Carter et al for violating NY commerce law by publishing lies. She has fashioned the suit as a class action on behalf of all those who bought the book and were thus harmed. This is no small matter.

I wonder how many other organizations and people can be sued for the same thing.

Wikipedia has this to say about her great impact and success.

Since 2003 Darshan-Leitner and a team of lawyers have worked with hundreds of terror victims in lawsuits and legal actions against Hamas, the Palestinian Authority, Iran, Syria, Islamic Jihad and numerous financial institutions. The cases are litigated in the Israeli, American, Canadian and European courts.

A copy of the complaint is available here.

Read more at Canada Free Press

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