My apologies…

I recently received a comment in the spam filter on the article Senate Bill S.91 defines life at conception.

The comment was something to the effect of, “Great, now let’s see who votes for infanticide.”

I noticed the comment just as I pushed the delete button. There was no attempt to censor the comment. Unfortunately, the attempt to filter spam is not entirely perfect and legitimate comments might get deleted.

If that was a legitimate comment, please feel free to post it again. I try not to censor comments for or against any article on this blog, but I do respond. I do censor certain content—such as threats or items full of cursing—that I feel necessary to protect myself and you.

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One Response to My apologies…

  1. Mark says:

    I put this comment on your blog “FAIR TAX ACT COMMERCIAL”

    If you are sincere, and look into fairtax, you will realize you have been duped and Fairtax is full of BS. Sounds great though

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