Fair Tax Act Commercial

Fair Tax Act of 2011

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3 Responses to Fair Tax Act Commercial

  1. Mark says:

    Fairtax sounds great — until you look in the fine print and ask questions. Which we did.

    We were Fairtax fans, until we “got inside” and saw what the real plan was. We asked questions. To say it’s total bs is an understatement.

    Oh, we want it passed. Heck yeah! Pass it PLEASE. Quit your yapping and pass this farce!! Problem is, your own leaders know it’s a total farce, and they have no intention of ever, ever, EVER passing it. In fact, they are scared to death there will be hearings under oath about it.

    It’s not that Fairtax leaders are evil liars — it’s that their math is wacked out nonsense. They had to lie all OVER the place on the math. That’s the problem.

    They had to count about 1 trillion dollars as revenue, which can NOT POSSIBLY BE. If they had just counted 23% of personal spending that could be taxed, they would be over 1 trillion dollars short!

    So what they did is pretend to tax things that they KNOW they can not tax.

    To big examples — this “prebate” is 800 billion dollars. Fairtax doesn’t count that as an expense! Send out 800 billion, and incredibly, they don’t COUNT IT! They claim that because people will use that mone to pay the government, they don’t have to count it.

    That is goofy insane balderdash. They know that.

    Another huge deception is a trillion dollar tax on city and state governments. Their fine print has a massive tax, hidden deep inside, for a trillion dollar tax on city and state governments. California state government would owe 18 billion, Texas state government would owe 12 billion, Florida State Government would owe 13 billion, and on and on.

    Cities too — Los Angeles city government would owe 1 billion, NYC would owe 1.2 billion, Chicago 900 million. This is insane nonsense — and they know it. They don’t make it clear, even in their fine print. Their fine print is double talk crazy crap.

    So go find out about their insane deceptions. You are being lied to.

    And these guys all know it. Their leaders all KNOW it’s bullship. They are scared to death now that it will be exposed. Oh it sounded great — but they never have had a hearing under oath. And they never will. It’s a con job.

    They are never going to tell Texas state government to pay 12 billion — or California it will have to pay 18 billion. That is crazy wacked out nonsense, it’s unconstitutional, no Senator or Congressmen will ever vote for such crap, and city and states can’t afford it anyway.


    You have been lied to — http://fairtaxbs.blogspot.com/

    • gcdaz says:

      Thank you for at least submitting facts that people can review. I totally disdain people who just want to level insults. You make a couple of good points. If we are to continue on this road of unconstitutional government hand out programs and increasing government armies to come and take your house and/or any food that you plan to grow in your garden, you are correct that we need to have the present system. However, a Constitutional government acting within the limitations of the Constitution can exist on a 23% tax even spreading it out to State and county governments. Further, a “reasonable” corporate tax that does not kill jobs is not out of the question. I even agree that we can continue “luxury” taxes for items such as second houses, yachts, mansions and the like. It also, of course, entails that things like food, that are not taxed now in many States, will be taxed. However, when you consider that you are taxed now from 38% to 48%, depending on the State, PLUS sales taxes, you might actually be able to put some money away for your retirement. There are definite advantages to the fair tax proposals, such as H.R. 25, that I have read, but I agree it needs to go much further including getting rid of many unnecessary and unconstitutional government agencies and entitlement programs.

    • gcdaz says:

      Just looked at your web site. Did not catch that when I read it the first time. That is ridiculous. States and cities are not people. I do not believe that is Constitutional, but certainly the anti-Federalist did mention possible situations such as this in their publications when the Constitution was under debate. I would have to agree with you that that is crossing the line.

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