Usama Bin-Laden is still dead.

As I watched the ditzy blonde on Phoenix television covering this “exciting” news, I heard her ask how the Pakistani government could not know that Bin-Laden was not in their country living in “luxury.” She did not ask how the U.S. CIA did not know.

At first, I found a few things interesting. Obama releases a birth certificate (that the CIA had nothing to do with forging, of course) after announcing his candidacy for president. All of the sudden “he kills” Usama Bin-Laden. Does that cut him out of his Muslim religion?

And, of course, they dump the body at sea.

The next thing I see is a bunch of drugged-out college kids dancing in the streets doing the same thing that Muslims did after 9-11 that disgusted us.

No pictures? No videos? What is wrong with this picture? Alex Jones, of course, jumped on this and has had some heavy-weight guests over the last couple of days.

Listen to full episode:
Alex Jones May 2
Alex Jones May 3

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