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I finally finished work on my latest political science non-fiction, The Communist Manifesto and Our American Cousins to add to Concerning the Militia.  I also published a science fiction thriller, A Shroud of Evidence.  All of these books, plus some classic reprints, are available at my Lulu storefront.
But that is not what brings us here today. Today, July 16, I start to bring to you my thoughts and wisdom. Like most bloggers, I will rant and rave when it suits me. You will hate me, you will like me. But most of you will agree with me. Admit it.
I will start by adding this “About me” page. That seems like a good place to start. I will add some previous articles that I have written and, perhaps, some pages about my books and other things going on in my life.
I will begin by telling you that I am Glen; a Navy Veteran who was recently profiled by the Department of Homeland Security in their recent book, Rightwing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitment. You might want to familiarize yourself with the lexicon. Why have I been so prominently figured in their new book?
I believe that a child has a right to live. It makes no sense to me that a state like California, who so fervently defends the right of a woman to execute a child on a whim, allows underage abortion without parental consent, and allows a parent to force an underage abortion on a person who does not want it will turn around and convict a man of a double-murder if he kills his pregnant wife. Is it a life or isn’t it?
I believe that hate crimes legislation is unconstitutional and a clear affront to the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States. As is denying prayer in schools. Larry Flint can get away with publishing libelous articles about Jerry Falwell in the interest of “free and open discussion,” but a kid can get kicked out of school or arrested for handing out a pamphlet that Intelligent Design might just have some science to it.
I believe that the Second Amendment gives me the absolute right to own and use any weapon that the government standing armies have in their arsenals. I believe that the founding fathers meant for the employees to be afraid to tamper with the Constitution. Not for the employers to be afraid to even question them.
I believe in a God and that I have a right to worship him according to his word. I believe that this nation was founded as, and still is, a Christian nation.
I believe that you do not have a right to warrantless searches of any kind. I believe that a warrant should specify where in your house is to be searched and what you are looking for.
I believe that it is unconstitutional for government to purchase businesses at the expense of the taxpayer and sell them off to foreign governments.
I believe that the jury selection process used by the court system today is contrary to the Sixth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States because the idea is not to ensure an impartial jury. I believe that jury nullification is a perfectly legitimate power of We the People.
I believe that a State has the right to the powers not explicitly given to the federal government in the Constitution.
I believe that the enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people. This means that drug laws are technically unconstitutional.
Why do I believe all of this? Because the Constitution of the United States says so. It is not a living, breathing document that changes with age. It is set in stone and it is the only course to a free society.
There is something to be said about fairness, though. I do not want people driving drunk or hopped up on drugs and running over my kids. I don’t want people with a recurring history of violent crime to have a gun. There are ways to counter those situations that are not contrary to the Constitution.
This is the way I think and you probably think it is a hate crime. The KKK and I have the absolute right to say, and publish, what we think, according to the First Amendment. However, the First Amendment does not obligate you to listen.
It may comfort you to know that I do not have all of the answers. I usually find them, though, in the Constitution and the Bible.

Concerning the Militia available at lulu.com

The Communist Manifesto and Our American Cousins


2 Responses to About me

  1. Glen,

    I just read your ‘about’ page, and I really like you (I only have one point of contention in what you posted – I would be more apt to say that we are a nation founded on Christian principles, not a Christian nation per se). I’ve also taken some time and looked at some of your posts on this blog – I love that we share the same conservative ideology! I want you to know that although I am new to the blogosphere, I’ve added a link to this blog on mine. I’m hoping that it might help increase your traffic. If you are so inclined to return the favor, I would appreciate it.

    Thank you for your service in the Navy. I was active duty Air Force for six years and am currently a drilling reservist. I am proud to serve our country despite her awful politics. I am sure you understand.

    Looking forward to many more of your posts to come!


    • gcdaz says:

      Always glad to assist a fellow veteran and welcome to blogging. You are welcome, btw, and thank you for your continued service. I briefly looked at your site and always welcome anyone to express their opinion no matter how slight or how far the difference.

      As far as the Christian ideology, I refer back to the actual founding at Plymouth Rock. If you read the now banned Mayflower Compact, it details exactly why the Pilgrims came to America. Granted, the “founding fathers” had to make the issue a more Republican affair (not to be confused with the Republican Party today). In other words, if you just take the Constitution alone, one could make the argument that we were founded on Christian principles. And I DO NOT contend that the Christians that came always did the right thing.

      While we might have slight differences of opinion on our Constitutional Republic, I’m sure we can agree that we need to veer back to the Constitutional ideals of Jefferson, Madison, Washington and the rest.

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