Need a job? Work for ‘bama.

See? Obama just came here for a better life. Not bad for a guy who came here without even a birth certificate!

No recession for Obama’s 454 White House aides
They’ll make $37,121,463 this year

In his numerous fund-raising and policy speeches around the country these days, President Obama often bemoans the difficult economic times and uncertainties afflicting millions of Americans, including the nearly 14 million still seeking work unsuccessfully.

The Democrat argues that his administration needs more time to straighten out the economic mess left by somebody else, who’s been gone almost 900 days now.

But good news this morning: The challenging Obama era and 9.1% national unemployment rate do not include the 454 people now helping President Obama do presidential things.

This crowd is being paid a total of $37,121,463 this year. That’s up seven staff members and nearly $4 million from 2008, the last year of George W. Bush’s presidency.

Constitutional Republic Party

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Three worse cases of police abuse in 2011

2011 isn’t over yet. Will we add Jose Guerena?

March 28, 2011

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Usama Bin-Laden is still dead.

As I watched the ditzy blonde on Phoenix television covering this “exciting” news, I heard her ask how the Pakistani government could not know that Bin-Laden was not in their country living in “luxury.” She did not ask how the U.S. CIA did not know.

At first, I found a few things interesting. Obama releases a birth certificate (that the CIA had nothing to do with forging, of course) after announcing his candidacy for president. All of the sudden “he kills” Usama Bin-Laden. Does that cut him out of his Muslim religion?

And, of course, they dump the body at sea.

The next thing I see is a bunch of drugged-out college kids dancing in the streets doing the same thing that Muslims did after 9-11 that disgusted us.

No pictures? No videos? What is wrong with this picture? Alex Jones, of course, jumped on this and has had some heavy-weight guests over the last couple of days.

Listen to full episode:
Alex Jones May 2
Alex Jones May 3

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Tea Party activist sends email depicting Barack Obama as a chimpanzee

Tea Party activist wont resign over photo - The Telegraph

Marilyn Davenport, who is also a member of the Orange County Republican Party, has resisted calls for her resignation, claiming she was not a racist and had only been joking.

The email sent by Mrs Davenport contained a picture of the US president superimposed over a baby chimpanzee with two adults of the species, with reference to the conspiracy theory that Mr Obama is ineligible as president because he was born outside the United States.

Scott Baugh, chairman of the county party, called on Mrs Davenport to resign from its central committee after receiving the email, saying that it was “dripping with racism and is in very poor taste”.

Read more at The Telegraph

Obama the Communist

You might recall the uproar over the poster of Obama as the joker. No one complained, of course, about the Bush poster with the same imagery. At least, not the Democrats who created it. There was, also, no objection to the picture of the rodent running in front of the naked Kenyan mole rat during an event at the White House some months ago.

Rodent runs in front of naked Kenyan mole rat.

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Muslim fanatics plot to hijack Royal Wedding by burning effigies of Kate and William

[In their fight to enslave the world before the Mormons get to it.]

Muslim fanatics plan to hijack the Royal Wedding by burning effigies of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Extremists belonging to the group Muslims Against Crusades were behind the poppy-burning outrage on November 11 last year.

According to police, they have now vowed to turn the wedding celebrations into a ‘nightmare’. They plan a ‘forceful demonstration’ with thousands of protesters set to burn the Union Flag, images of the Crown, and effigies of the bridal couple.

Police are anticipating violent clashes as the Right-wing English Defence League have given notice that they intend to protest against the Muslim hardliners.

Read more at Mail-Online

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Lawmaker asks colleague: What if I blew your brains out?

Davidson -

Yesterday’s gun-rights debate in Harrisburg ventured into fairly ridiculous territory, culminating with Upper Darby Democratic state Rep. Margo Davidson posing this preposterous hypothetical involving her and Republican state Rep. Daryl Metcalfe:

“If the gentleman from Butler County stood yelling, knowing that he’s a gun-toter, and I felt threatened, would I be protected under court law if I blew his brains out?” Davidson asked.

Maybe if he “stood yelling” in your bedroom after he broke into your house. Otherwise, probably not. And you thought Davidson’s predecessor, Mario Civera, had a big mouth …

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Derek Copp, GVSU student shot in drug raid, sues Ottawa County sheriff, deputy

GRAND RAPIDS — Derek Copp, the Grand Valley State University student who was shot in the chest during a 2009 drug raid, has sued Ottawa County Sheriff’s Department and the deputy who shot him, Ryan Huizenga.

The lawsuit was filed today in U.S. District Court.

“This was not an accident,” attorney Frederick Dilley wrote in court documents. “Defendant, Huizenga either intended to shoot plaintiff, knowing he was unarmed; intended to shoot plaintiff in the mistaken belief that he was armed, or recklessly fired at the plaintiff knowing he would kill or injure him.”

The Grand Rapids Press

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AARP Tax Exemption Report at Center of Contentious Capitol Hill Hearing

Wonder if they hired SEIU union members to beat up Tea party members during protests? You know, one of the many unions exempt from the Health Care act?

Republican-authored report on alleged financial irregularities within AARP has met with deep resistance among Democratic lawmakers and AARP senior executives.

The report, entitled “Behind the Veil: The AARP America Doesn’t Know,” alleges that the AARP violated its tax exempt status by, in effect, selling health insurance policies and by actively lobbying for the massive health care law passed by Congress and signed by President Obama last year.

Read more at Fox News

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ATF Gunwalk

(CBS News) WASHINGTON – South of El Paso, Texas, on Mexico’s side of the border, lies Juarez – the most dangerous city in the world. CBS News investigative correspondent Sharyl Attkisson reports ATF Special Agent Rene Jaquez has been stationed there for the past year, trying to keep U.S. guns from being trafficked into Mexico.

“That’s what we do as an agency,” Jaquez said. “ATF’s primary mission is to make sure that we curtail gun trafficking.”

Read more at CBS News

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CIA Agent speaks out?

Whoever he is he speaks with truth.

March 21, 2011

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India to send 1300 tons pulses aid to North Korea

NEW DELHI (Commodity Online) : With six million people in North Korea are on the verge of starvation, India is extending a helping hand by providing 1300 tons pulses aid worth $1 million (Rs 4.5 crore).

The aid will be handed out through the United Nations World Food Programme, reported

Falling domestic production and dwindling international aid has ensured less of food supply in North Korea.

In May, the country’s Public Distribution System is expected to run out of food. US and other countries had stopped food aid citing nuclear ambitions of North Korea.

In 1990s, nearly one million people starved to death in North Korea in a famine.

Commodity Online

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‘Odyssey’ or Limited Engagement? Libya Mission Title Sends Confusing Signal

By Judson Berger
Published March 25, 2011|

In the end, they chose “Odyssey Dawn” back in February.

As Elliott’s alternate titles proved, they could have done worse. After all, there have been some random mission names in the past, like Golden Pheasant in Central America in 1988 and Eldorado Canyon in Libya two years before that. Other titles went a bit too far, like Urgent Fury in Grenada or Operation Killer during the Korean War.

In Homer’s Odyssey, protagonist Odysseus spends 10 years trying to reach Ithaca, encountering sirens and a cyclops along the way.

In President Obama’s “odyssey,” the U.S. military gets involved in a limited engagement against the “mad dog” of the Middle East — only one that’s supposed to settle down in a matter of days.

As the U.S. military now concedes, perhaps “Operation Odyssey Dawn” wasn’t the best name for this supposedly in-and-out mission.

“We probably should have chosen something else, because people have read into that — some type of long, enduring voyage,” Eric Elliott, spokesman for U.S. Africa Command, told

It’s anything but, the administration insists. With NATO taking partial control, U.S. officials claim the United States will soon be flying shotgun despite myriad concerns about Muammar al-Qaddafi’s staying power and the extent to which America would use force to unseat him.

But with a name like “odyssey,” it’s hard to make that case.

Read more at Fox News

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Mega Millions winning ticket sold at convenience store in Albany, N.Y.

A lucky lotto player’s $1 dream came true in New York’s capital Friday night.

The winning Mega Millions lottery ticket – worth $319 million – was sold at an Albany convenience store just blocks from the capitol, lottery officials said.

The multimillion dollar winning numbers were: 22-24-31-52-54, and the Mega ball was 4.

Employees at Coulson’s News Center are bursting with pride, even though they don’t know who the winner is yet. They won’t get official notification from state lottery officials until Monday, when they indicate what day and time the ticket was sold, clerk Steve Gallucci said.

Gallucci, who clocks 60 hours a week, said there’s a good chance he sold the winning ticket.

Read more at the New York Daily News

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Why did the press ignore murderous rampage just outside nation’s capital?

On February 10, 2011, Prince William County police arrested Jose Oswaldo Reyes Alfaro, 37, after he allegedly went on a shooting and stabbing spree which left three people dead and three others wounded. When he was taken into custody, the Salvadoran national had in his possession, a machete as well as a .38 caliber revolver.

The two separate attacks occurred only a few blocks apart.

The list of victims follows:

The Hood Road attack:

-Brenda Ashcraft, 56, pronounced dead at the scene from gunshot wounds

-William Ashbey Ashcroft, 37, died in route to the hospital

-34-year-old woman, gunshot wound, survived

-15-year-old girl, gunshot wound, survived

The Brent Street location

-Julio Cesar Ulloa, 48, pronounced dead at the scene from gunshot wound

-77-year-old unidentified woman, suffered stab wounds, severe lacerations to the head, survived

According to Manassas Police Chief Doug Keen, the suspect was ordered deported in 2002, but was never detained by federal immigration authorities and never left, despite two more arrests after his deportation order.

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REINS Act aims at backdoor legislation by White House

Geoff Davis (R-KY) has introduced H.R. 10 in the House of Representatives and Rand Paul (R-KY) has introduced the legislation in the Senate as S. 299. The Regulations from teh Executive in Need of Scrutiny Act “REINS” in backdoor legislation through the use of unelected government officials.

The act would require a vote in Congress on any “major” regulations issued by the Executive Branch before it could be enforced on the American People.

FreedomWorks reports that, “Every year, the executive branch issues thousands of new rules and regulations. Those rules that impose at least $100 million of annual compliance cost are considered ‘Major Rules.’ In 2010, federal agencies issued 95 Major Rules. The REINS Act would respect the checks and balances carefully established in the Constitution by requiring Congress to approve such rules.”

Read more at Constitutional Republic Party

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