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And you thought the Obama Executive Order privileged was bad.

There has been much todo about the abuse of the presidential executive order and, perhaps, rightly so. The regular old trustworthy media outlets will let you know it is much todo about nothing. Executive orders were intended to inform the … Continue reading

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Legacy website to support “Border Sheriffs” in Arizona.

Arizona’s Border Sheriffs Need Your Support! Reads the Legacy website. Arizona is a state that has seen an invasion of illegal immigrants continue unabated for years. Illegal immigration has taken its toll on Arizona in the form of billions of … Continue reading

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Milwaukee Wisconsin Geography Lesson

Milwaukee Wisconsin Democrat Peggy West a public school gradiate.

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Immigration reform without Washington

City and state policies can welcome immigrants, too. By Peter J. Spiro Thousands gathered in more than 70 cities nationwide last weekend to demand that Congress enact comprehensive immigration reform. Arizona’s recently enacted immigration law had galvanized the protesters, who … Continue reading

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LA radio personalities ask country not to boycott Arizona

NOTE: My original draft of this article contained a slur toward a particular group of individuals which was unintentional. To those who might have read it and were offended or hurt by it, I have no excuse and can only … Continue reading

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Arizona to allow concealed weapons without permit

New law to take effect in July or August. PHOENIX — Republican Gov. Jan Brewer on Friday signed into law a bill making Arizona the third state allowing people without a permit to carry a concealed weapon. The bill she … Continue reading

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Arizona House approves concealed weapons bill

PHOENIX — The Arizona House voted Thursday to make the state the third in the nation to allow people to carry concealed weapons without a permit, sending the governor a bill that would allow Arizonans to forego background checks and … Continue reading

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Arizona still waiting for concealed carry.

The latest information is that it was sent back to the House for a required read and will be sent to the governor who is expected to sign the measure—even though the Arizona Repugnant advises her to stop the measure. … Continue reading

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Monkey-masked speeder gets 37 tickets.

PHOENIX (AP) — Speed camera photos of the man in the monkey and giraffe masks have generated lots of chuckles. But the cops aren’t laughing.

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