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How’s that multiculturalism dealy-thingy working out for you?

Not working in France any better than England. Guess the lesson is when you move to a country, assimilate into that culture. Don’t force yours on someone else. Particularly when you move to a free country built on natural rights … Continue reading

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Germany: ‘Multiculti’ has failed

Attempts to build a multicultural society in Germany have “utterly failed”, Chancellor Angela Merkel says. She said the so-called “multikulti” concept – where people would “live side-by-side” happily – did not work, and immigrants needed to do more to integrate … Continue reading

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Surprise! Multiculturalism doesn’t work.

Prime Minister David Cameron of the United Kingdom gave a surprising speech last week (SEE VIDEO HERE) that expressed a view that we already knew. Multiculturalism does not work and needs to be abandoned. The Telegraph reports, “Entering the debate … Continue reading

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